Today I am the best me I have ever been and committed to living my life extraordinarily. I have come a long way from wandering through the maze of confusion, drama, disease and suicide attempts which defined my existence for 35 years. After the unenviable struggle to survive incredible challenges, I realize they were all required and divinely ordered so that I would discover my passion. The profound shifts in my perceptions can be attributed to a willingness to become someone new and an everlasting faith in a higher power. I became a scientist, delving into my personal development as if I was an experiment in a petri dish. I also had, and still have, several brilliant guides. It has been incredible to take what were liabilities and make them my best assets.

My experiences and knowledge are priceless gifts for which I will be eternally grateful. It is an honor and a dream come true to share them publicly to, at the very least, elicit personal transformations and raise community consciousness. With that in mind, here are three of my most recent and cherished resources-each has rocked my world:

The Mythogenic SelfTM training program is a psycho-spiritual approach to personal development. It introduces a way of being in the world consciously, at your best, and relieves the deep longing for “more.” The training is organized around, among other things, Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” as diagramed in his book, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces,” circa 1949. Please visit

My life coach, Debie Friedman, has been instrumental in teaching me how to set goals, identify obstacles and create appropriate action steps. What was overwhelming is now organized and prioritized. Positive self-talk has also been an essential part of being coached. The value of reprogramming my brain has been immeasurable. Please visit

Peace Over Violence (previously known as The Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women) has become my “anchor” for information and education, for healing, support and opportunities with regard to my activism and advocacy. The affiliation makes it possible for me to flourish; without it, I get overwhelmed and flounder in the sea of despair by myself. I serve on POV’s Survivor Speakers’ Bureau and I have been trained by its staff to be a Violence Prevention Specialist (allowing me to educate children, teens and adults without identifying as a survivor). The services provided by POV are superb and are invaluable to our community. Please visit

Learning about and participating in processes that refine me on a cellular level, while creating healthier responses to what life presents me, is nothing short of fabulously intriguing and tremendously successful. I am on the “TigerPath” now, a path of wonderment and possibility. I hope that you will choose to walk on it with me even if for a short moment in time.

Continuing my formal education has also made a huge difference in the quality of my enriched life. In 2012, I earned my Associates of Arts degree in alcohol and drug studies. At the same time, I was awarded a Certificate of Completion in a program which entitled me to offer my services as a Substance Abuse Counselor. In January of 2013, I took and passed the California State test becoming a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor. It is an honor to utilize my education, experiences, and extraordinary energy to be of maximum service!

Whether personal growth is your goal or you want to be inspired and motivated, I am qualified to deliver a moving rendition. People have shared with me that my positive energy is contagious and personal power resides behind my eyes.